Session Title
14 Sept.
Introductory remarks 9:00 9:10 Toshiyuki Nagata
Announcement  9:10 9:15 Ken Matsuoka
Cell cycle  9:15 9:40 D. Inze (Gent)  The BY-2 Cell Cycle
9:40 10:05 M. Ito (Nagoya) Plant c-Myb-like factors control mitosis and cytokinesis
10:05 10:30 P. Genschik (Strasbourg) Proteolysis of cyclin B1 is essential to exit mitosis in plant cells
10:30 10:50 Coffee break
10:50 11:05 M. Sekine (Nara) Functional analysis of D-type cyclins in cell cycle control of tobacco BY-2 cells.
11:05 11:30 R. Hedrich (Wuerzburg) The Role of Ion Channels in Cell Cycle Controle
Plant Hormones 11:30 11:55 T. Nagata (Tokyo) Understanding habituation through studies of 2B-13 cell line derived from tobacco BY-2 cell line
11:55 12:20 H. Van Onckelen (Antwerp) Signal molecules in the control of cell cycle progression in tobacco BY-2 cells
12:20 12:35 I. Galis (Yokohama) Microarray analysis of gene expression in methyl jasmonate-treated tobacco BY-2 cells
12:35 12:50 J. Petrasek (Prague) BY-2 as a tool to study the transport of auxins
12:50 13:00 Group photo
13:00 14:00 Lunch 
by 14:30 Poster attachment.
Growth and Development 14:30 14:45 T. Asada (Osaka) Phragmoplast function and microtubule dynamics
14:45 15:10 Y. Machida (Nagoya) The NACK-PQR MAP kinase cascade controls plant cytokinesis
15:10 15:35 S. Hasezawa (Kashiwa) Microtubular and vacuolar dynamics during the cell cycle in BY-2 cells.
15:35 16:00 D. Geelen (Gent) Molecular dissection of plant cytokinesis and phragmoplast structure: a survey of GFP-tagged proteins
16:00 16:20 Coffee break
16:20 16:45 S. Sonobe (Himeji) Isolation of cytoskeletal proteins from tobaco BY-2 cells. 
16:45 17:00 S. Matsunaga (Osaka) Dynamic analyses of plant Aurora kinases during mitotic cell division
17:00 17:15 R. A. Bhat (Koln) Understanding the role of histone acetylation in plant gene expression
17:15 17:30 M. Esaka (Hiroshima) Function and Biosynthesis of Ascorbic Acid in Plants
17:30 17:45 H. Fukuda (Tokyo) Characterization of xylogen and ZEN1 with BY-2 cells
18:00 19:30 Welcome party 
15 Sept.
Organelles 9:15 9:40 Y. Yukawa (Nagoya) In vitro tanscription system from BY-2 cells
9:40 10:05 A. Sakai (Nara) Studies on the proliferation and differentiation of DNA-containing organelles using BY-2 cells
10:05 10:30 T.J. Bach (Strasbourg) Tobacco BY-2 cells, an excellent system to study the biosynthesis and function of sterols and other isoprenoids.
10:30 10:50 Coffee break
Intracellular Transport 10:50 11:15 D. G. Robinson (Heidelberg) Visualizing   ER-exit sites  in  tobacco BY-2  cells
11:15 11:40 L. Jiang (Hong Kong) Molecular characterization of prevacuolar compartments in tobacco BY-2 cells
11:40 12:05 V. Gomord (Rouen) Therapeutic proteins made in transgenic BY-2 tobacco cells
12:05 12:30 K. Toyooka (Yokohama) Protein aggregates are transported to vacuoles by autophagic mechanism under nutrient starvation
Poster session-1 12:30 13:00 Poster viewing
13:00 14:00 Lunch 
Poster session-2 14:00 15:00 Poster viewing
Pathogenesis  15:00 15:25 C. Ritzenthaler (Strasbourg) Analysis of Grapevine fanleaf virus replication and movement in tobacco BY-2 cells
15:25 15:50 S. Kawakami (St. Louis) Analysis of virus replication complexes in BY-2 protoplast via confocal microscopy and 3-D image reconstruction
15:50 16:05 M. Ishikawa (Tsukuba) Replication of plant RNA virus genomes in a cell-free extract of evacuolated BY-2 protoplasts
16:05 16:25 Coffe break
16:25 16:50 S. Gelvin (West Lafayette) Using BY-2 cells to investigate Agrobacterium-plant interactions.
New technology 16:50 17:15 H. Matsuoka (Koganei) Potential use of BY-2 cells in the single-cell function analysis facilitated by a microinjection supporting robot
17:15 17:30 T. Kobayashi (Tsukuba) Cryopreservation of tobacco BY-2 by encapsulation simple prefreezing method
16 Sept.
Ohmics 9:15 9:40 K. Matsuoka (Yokohama) Trananscriptome analysis of tobacco BY-2 cells using EST and microarrays
9:40 10:05 K.-M. Oksman-Caldentey (Helsinki) Metabolic engineering of BY-2 secondary metabolites by combining transcriptional profiling and metabolite analysis.
10:05 10:30 K. Laukens (Antwerp) Tobacco BY-2 proteome analysis: cross-species protein identification and its application for the study of cell cycle regulation and stress response
10:30 10:50 Coffee break
10:50 11:15 S. Baginsky (Zurich)  Proteome analysis of tobacco bright yellow-2 (BY-2) cell culture plastids
General discussion  11:15 11:45 Discussion leader, Ken Matsuoka (Integration of information of tobacco BY-2 cells)
11:45 Closing remark, D. Inze.