International workshop

Cell and Molecular Biology of Tobacco BY-2 cells

Tobacco BY-2 cells have gained the status as a model plant system, comparable to HeLa cells for human research. A wealth of basic knowledge on plant cells, especially cell division, cytoskeleton, plant hormone signaling, intracellular trafficking, and organelle differentiation, has been gathered from experiments with this cell line. Because the accumulated knowledge of this cell line is enormous, there is no other cell line that is so important for plant sciences. In these several years, studies on transcriptome and proteome of this cell line has been started in several laboratories in the world. However, the integration of the information on this cell line is far behind from other major plant models. By such reason, we decided to carry out this international workshop to exchange information and to discuss the method about the accumulation of knowledges about this cell line. We believe that this workshop will contribute remarkably for the further progress of molecular and cellular plant research.


Cell cycle and cytokinesis, Plant Hormones, Development, Organelles, Intracellular Transport, Pathogenesis, New technology, Transcriptome and Proteome



  Toshiyuki Nagata

  Ken Matsuoka

  Dirk Inzé

Date and time】


14 Sept. 2004 (Tue) Morning 〜
16 Sept. 2004 (Thr) around noon



RIKEN Yokohama Institute



Free for attending.

3,000 yen for welcome party.



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Max. capacity,150 people.
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RIKEN Plant Science Center

The BY-2 Research Cooperative




Ken Matsuoka


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Recently published book on BY-2: "Tobacco BY-2 Cells".】