What is BY-2?

What is BY-2

    A guidebook of BY-2 is now in press [T. Nagata, S. Hasezawa and D. Inze (eds.): Tobacco BY-2 cells. Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry, Vol. 53, Springer-Verlag].

    The most well-known feature of BY-2 is that this cell line grow very rapidly. Under our usual culture condition, the doubling time is about 13 hours. The synchronization of the cell cycle of BY-2 is easy and efficient. Thus this cell is an ideal cell line to analyze the cell cycle in plants.

    The other unique feature of BY-2 is the high competency of transformation by Agrobacterium. Using our standard protocol over ten thousand of transformants (somethimes higher than a hundred thousand) can be easily obtained.

Written by Ken Matsuoka, RIKEN PSC

Last modified on 17 June 2003.