1. How to browse EST infomation
We obtained EST clones from Zinnia and BY-2 cells in the 96-well format and numbered as shown blow.

1. Organism: Z, Zinnia; B, BY-2.
2. Plate number.
3. Clone number in the plate (a two-digit number, 01 to 96).
4. Sequence primer: f, universal M13 forward; r, universal M13 reverse.
5. Times sequenced: 1, first; 2, second; 3, third...

You can browse information on the EST clones you wish to know after selecting plate numbers listed in left frame.

2. How to use BLAST search
We prepared BLAST search system to find EST clones with sequence similarities to your nucleotide or protein sequences you are interested in. Enter the BLAST search page.

Enter your sequence and select program and database.

Results will be shown as blow.

Now, you can browse sequence infomation and expression profiles of the EST clones at the pages of EST Databases and Gene Expression Databases.

In the results, clone ID is shown without distinction of organism (Z or B).

Zinnia EST
BY-2 EST (in preparation)
BLAST Search
Gene Expression Databases
PRIDE toppage
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