Now, PRIDE contains information on gene expression profiles of Zinnia elegans during transdifferentiation of mesophyll cells into xylem cells (Demura et al., PNAS, 99, 15794-15799) in the in vitro xylogenesis culture system (Fukuda and Komamine, Plant Physiol., 65, 57-60). The expression profiles of BY-2 and Arabidopsis genes will be included soon.

You can enter to our GeNet system as a guest.

After login as a guest, you can see the expression profiles. Please select "GENOME (now, zinnia only)", "Gene List", and "Experiment" you wish to browse and click "DISPLAY" button.

You can also see the information on individual genes you are interested in by clicking lines on "GRAPH" panel and click the name of selected gene.

Now, you will be able to find genes with similar expression profiles. By clicking "DISPLAY SIMILAR GENES" button, the graph and table will be displayed.

You can use "SEARCH" button to search genes, "FILTER" button to filter experiments, "GENOME" button to change genome, and "LOG OUT" button to log out. If you want to know more detailed infomation on GeNet, plese refer GeNet Help by clicking "Help" button.

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